James Dickens
Professional School Counselor
Leesylvania Elementary School

Rezana McCray
Professional School Counselor
Leesylvania Elementary School

PWCS cares deeply about students’ emotional well-being during their time away from school. If a student is in need of emotional support during this time, please feel free to send an e-mail tostudentsupportservices@pwcs.edu. A school mental health or health professional will answer and offer virtual support to students to the best of their ability. This e-mail is not to be used for emergency situations as it will not be monitored 24 hours a day. If a student is ever in an emergency situation he/she is encouraged to call 911 or utilize one of the resources listed below:

Emergency Resources:

ACTS Helpline 703.368.4141

1.800.SUICIDE (24-hour hotline) 1.800.784.2433

Crisis Text Hotline (24-hour hotline) 741741

PWC Child Protective Services Hotline 703.792.4200

PWC Community Services Board 703.792.7800

Mission Statement


To provide a safe and positive learning environment for students to achieve academic success.  Students will be encouraged to demonstrate respect, accountability, and exhibit good citizenship qualities.  A nurturing environment creates a productive, successful and safe school community.


The counseling department here at Leesylvania believes in providing a nurturing, safe and fair school environment for all students.  We believe in helping students understand the importance of having strong competencies in the academic, career, personal and social areas of their lives.  We also believe that all students deserve a world class education.

Beliefs and Philosophy Statement    

The professional school counselors serving Leesylvania Elementary School believe:  

  • All students can achieve and deserve equitable access to resources and a rigorous curriculum.
  • The dignity, culture, and social/emotional needs of every student is to be respected and valued.
  • The school counselors will use data to continuously improve the school counseling program and to deliver services.
  • The school counselors will plan and manage a comprehensive counseling program.
  • The school counselors will advocate for the entire community of learners.
  • The school counselors will collaborate with families, staff, and community resources to address student developmental needs, primary prevention, and continuous student achievement.
  • The Leesylvania Counseling Advisory Committee (school counselors in collaboration with staff, families, and students) will annually audit and evaluate the counseling program (using the ASCA Program Audit), in order to provide quality service.
  • The school counselors will abide by ASCA’s professional school counseling standards and ethics. 


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