Mrs. Spencer

          Hello students and parents! Welcome to my class page. Since we
   have switched to our Virtual Schoolhouse I have established the
   following schedule for remediation and office hours. I will be sending 
   work home to help your child review what is being presented by their
   general education teacher for the week. All work will be sent via Class
   Dojo. Please check it often! 
I will send out Reading practice for the week. These assignments will be on your child's independent reading level. It will help support their Reading Comprehension goals. Please have your child complete the reading and the questions.

In addition to these reading passages I will also be creating and posting weekly videos. I will be reading 2 chapters each week from the book Fish in a Tree If you have it, please feel free to follow along as I read. Your child can access these through the Flipgrid link sent in Dojo. Once a week I will send questions out to go along with the chapters read. This is an alternative way for your child to interact with me and still touch on reading comprehension. You can access these videos when you have time throughout the week.

I will send out Math practice for the week. These assignments will support what your child's general education teacher is reviewing for the week. I will try to include activities and graphic organizers that will benefit your child and help then with the work for the week or differentiate it so that your child can review these grade level skills. 

If you have any questions about the assignments or your child would like to go over the answers with me I will be available during my office hours on Friday!

                      My open Office Hours will be on Friday 1:00 - 2:00 via Zoom.

          Office Hours will be an opportunity for parents and students who have questions or concerns. Please know that you do not have to wait to reach out with questions. I will still be checking email and Dojo regularly. This time on Friday will be called: “Connect With Your Teacher.” and I will set up a Zoom meeting each Friday from 1:00-2:00. I will send out the Zoom meeting invite link on Friday mornings via Dojo. This will be a pop in and out session. If you have specific student concerns that would require a more private discussion, please contact me so that I can set that up.

          I will also be available during your child's general education teacher's office hours. I would also like to make sure that your child is reading on MyOn. This was sent out by your general education teacher.

If you have any questions please email me at

You can find additional information and resources for your child on their class page.

                                    Ms. Cozma - 2nd Grade
                                    Mrs. Martinez - 5th Grade Language Arts
                                    Mrs. Stephens - 5th Grade Language Arts
                                    Mrs. Taylor - 5th Grade Math
                                    Mrs. Wise - 5th Grade Math


Updates and Information

4/16 - Next week our "Virtual Schoolhouse" begins. I have updated my webpage to incorporate my Reading and Math lesson hours and my open office hours. I will do my best to stick to the schedule. There will be times that I won't be available because of scheduled IEP meetings, but I will let you know my schedule at the beginning of each week. I will be sending out the Zoom links daily via Dojo and Email. I know that this may be a little much, but I want to be able to support your student in anyway that I can. Please pop in even if you have a question about something sent out by your child's general education teacher, or if you just need more resources or advice on helping your child at home. 

Please note that I have also posted several things on Flipgrid and Nearpod for your child to access. I will be sending out reminders and posting new things frequently. I will make sure to communicate that with you in the same manner (Dojo and Email). If you haven't done so already please take a look at those resources. If you aren't sure how to access those please email me and I will send you the parent guide that Mr. Traxler has put together. 

4/3 - By now you all have heard that our 5th grade transition meetings with the middle school have been post-poned. We are working with the schools to reschedule those meetings for some time in May.  As of now all IEP meetings will proceed as already scheduled. I will be in touch with each family with a meeting invitation and all meetings will now take place via Zoom. If you are not able to participate via Zoom you may participate over the phone. 

On a side note: I have made updates to my online links page. Please take a look at the page for resources that you can use at home with your children. It is now more important than ever to keep their brains active so that they don't regress or lose all the progress they have made this school year. 

If you ever need additional resources please don't hesitate to contact me. I will be reaching out after "Spring Break" to let you know of my immediate office hours and will be posting resources to Dojo that your child can work on at home. I have already made some Nearpod assignments available for them to work on. I will post additional LD reading and math related resources in the coming weeks. Hang in there! We are all learning to navigate this virtual teaching/learning together. Have a good break!

3/25 - I have been meeting with the Special Education team and may have information about rescheduling missed IEP meetings and a new schedule for upcoming meetings. I will send a private Dojo message when dates and times are established. Stay tuned...

3/24 Families and students, School buildings are closed to all staff and students for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. Prince William County Schools will continue to keep us informed as the Covid-19 situation continues to evolve. The most important thing that your child can be doing right now is reading for at least 25 minutes each day. Several books and other reading materials were sent home with your child on our last day together (Friday 3/13).  Resources and other information will be available on your child's general education teacher's pages (please see links above).   I will be uploading some additional resources and links that you can use at home with your child. As of right now, these are optional and only to guide you in your at-home learning.   I truly appreciate all of your support with this!

Mrs. Spencer

 Below you will find resources to help your student through this time of virtual learning. 

Home Learning Resources & Materials

PWCS Home Learning Information

Study Island


Sheppard Software – reading and math games


Storyline online – read alouds

FUN BRAIN: play games while practicing math and reading skills 

STARFALL: Practice phonics skills


Prodigy: Free math website

Prodigy math


Other Links and Resources

Other links and resources are still available to your child through their Clever login.  Such as Khan Academy, Brain Pop, and Lexia. 

LEES School Apps.... here you'll find access to Office, Clever and other resources is also offering their educational resources FREE for 30 days! Check it out

K12 also lists some valuable resources available to students in light of the Coronavirus School Closings. Check out the link below.

Scholastic Learn at Home
Scholastic has provided ~20 days worth of free reading activities including passages, activities, and virtual field trips for students to work through at home.

Scholastic Write a Book Review
Students can use this link to write a book review on a book they have read and submit it to Scholastic's website.

SOLpass has study guides, review games, and practice tests/quizzes for the students to use for Reading and Math.