5th Grade


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LES Vision and Mission with bald eagles

Mrs. Stephens and Mrs. Wise 

Zoom Office Hours:
Connect With Your Teachers: Each Friday 10:00-11:00
We will send out the Zoom meeting invite each Friday morning via DOJO. Mrs. Wise and I will be together.

Please feel free to at ANYTIME  directly email or message us on Class Dojo.

Mrs. Wise: wisetm@pwcs.edu

Mrs. Stephens: stepheea@pwcs.edu

5th Grade- All Subject Areas
*4th Grade Materials and assignments can be found on Mrs. Wise's page

We hope you have enjoyed working on the Choice Board projects. We appreciate all of your support this year! Please note the following schedule for next week:

-Monday: 6/8- Please drive by the school to pick up your student’s belongings. 2:00-4:00. Mrs. Wise and I will be there helping to hand out bags, t-shirts, and certificates! :)
Please note: We will not be having our normally scheduled class meeting because Mrs. Wise and I will be at school finishing phase two of pack up. We will have out meeting on Thursday.

-Thursday: 6/11- 
1. Last class meeting at 10:00. I will send the zoom link that morning on DOJO.
2. 5th Grade Promotion Drive By. Line up in front of the school at 5:00 so we can Celebrate your accomplishments! Families will remain in their cars and drive around the bus loop. Staff will be outside cheering!

-Friday: 6/12- Last Day of School! I will email final report cards out via the HUB (like we did for 3rd quarter).

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

The LEES SCA is asking all 5th graders to help with a gift to the school.  Please ask your child to find a rock, paint it (or not), and write a word (or words) of hope, encouragement, or kindness on the rock.  We will then create a rock garden in our new indoor/outdoor classroom, as a gift from the 5th graders of 2019-2020!  We will have a bin to collect the rocks at the 5th grade drop off/pick up which will be sometime before the end of the school year.  They can write their name on the rock (maybe on the back).  Thank you for helping the SCA with this project! 


Due to Monday being Memorial Day, we will not be having a class meeting. The Weekly Learning Calendar will be posted and assignments have been adjusted. 

Happy Monday! It was great seeing so many smiling faces in our zoom meeting. Our weekly learning opportunities are ready on our class website! Please let me know if you have questions or need help accessing any of the activities.

Happy Monday! Our weekly learning opportunities are ready on our class website! Please let me know if you have questions or need help accessing any of the activities. hope you are all doing well and staying healthy!


I have sent parents an email via the HUB. Please check for that email at some point today. I am trying to verify a working email for when I send home report cards in May. I am asking that you reply back by email if you received it with your child's first name. I'm keeping a list of who I was able to successfully reach.

If you do not receive my email, please do two things for me:
1. message me via DOJO and let me know
2. Log into your ParentVue account and update your information. If you do not have an account, please contact Mrs. MacGregor or Mrs. Summers for additional guidance.

I am attempting to keep track of everything on the various platforms so that you are receiving timely, relevant, and accurate information. Thank you for your continued patience and understanding. 

Each of you (parents) have been amazing during this time!


Weekly Learning Opportunities have been posted for the week of April 27. It was great seeing so many faces this morning in our class meeting! Have a wonderful week!

Weekly Learning Opportunities have been posted for the week of April 20. I have also sent out the Zoom classmeeting link via DOJO. 


We hope you are all doing well! Mrs. Wise and I have been busy creating new additions to support our virtual classroom.

We will be adding a weekly Class Zoommeeting on Mondays for students to touch base and check in. We will also try to do a quick overview of the week’s activities. Mrs. Wise and I will be meeting with 5thgrade on Mondays from 10:00-10:30. A link will be sent via DOJO.

We will also offer “office hours” for parents and students who have questions or concerns. As stated before, you do not have to wait to reach out with questions. We are still checking email and DOJO regularly. This time on Friday will be called: “Connect With Your Teacher.” Mrs. Wise and I will set up a Zoom meeting each Friday from 10:00-11:00. We will send out the Zoom Meeting invite link on Friday mornings via DOJO. This will be a pop in and out session. If you have specific student concerns that would require a more private discussion, please contact one of us so that we can set that up.

Mrs. Wise and I will also be creating and posting weekly videos. I will be reading a chapter each week from the book Slacker.If you have it, please feel free to follow along as I read. If you enjoy this book, there is a sequel you might be interested in reading after. I will be posting the read aloud videos on Flipgrid. You can then respond with your own video. Read alouds were some of our favorite times over the past two years! I will be posting my video on Mondays. You can then access it when you have time throughout the week.

We are excited for these new changes and appreciate everyone hanging in there with us! “See” you soon! 

I hope everyone enjoyed their Spring Break. This week's optional Distance Learning Activity calendar has been posted. Please click on the Weekly Learning Opportunities and select this week's tab. Please note, I have posted "Office Hours" but continue to reach out at any time. Regardless of the time/day of the week I will get back to you ASAP. I am regularly checking my 
email and DOJO. I have removed the quiet hour function on my phone so it will alert me when messages have been sent. I miss you all and love reading your emails. Your Flipgrid videos are AMAZING!!!! You are also doing an awesome job completing the daily assignments! Our class rocks! We will chat soon!

Hi families! Hope everyone is doing well. Are you running low on high interest books to read?

Have your student log into his/her Office365 account, go into Clever, and find the icon: myON. There are tons of books-for free! I’ve never used this program before(and am currently exploring) but have heard great things! Take some time and explore. I believe when the students first login they will take a preassessment to help with leveling. There is also a read aloud feature. Bella is currently listening to/reading a Scooby-Doo book. If you have time, try it out. Please let me know what you think!


Hope you all are doing well! Please don't forget to click on the "Weekly Learning Opportunities" link to view optional assignments for this week. The 4/5 Team wanted to provide meaningful activities that were easily implemented at home. Please message me if you have any questions or concerns.
We miss you!!!


Every Monday, we will be adding online weekly learning opportunities for students to access at home. You can find this assignment calendar on the left side of my page under "Weekly Learning Opportunities." We have also added the assignments to the class calendar. There will be no new graded work until April 14th.

Please be patient as we try to navigate this new normal of remote learning.  I will try my best to help each and every one of you.  Email or message me on Class Dojo any time!  

Know that your teachers, principals, and the rest of the staff at Leesylvania care about you and miss you!  We hope you are safe and healthy at home and that we will be able to see you all again soon!

Families and students,
We will be uploading all documents and resources to this class page as well as our Class DOJO site. Below are some quick links to resources we use in the classroom that are great for at home learning. We will be posting a calendar (for next week) of learning opportunities for students to participate in each day.

Please feel free to email or message us on Class Dojo.

Mrs. Wise: wisetm@pwcs.edu

Mrs. Stephens: stepheea@pwcs.edu

We greatly appreciate all of your support with this!
 We can do this! We miss you!
~Ms. Stephens and Mrs. Wise

If your child is a Special Education student, you can connect to Mrs. Spencer through the following link:
Mrs. Spencer

Suggested Schedule

5th Daily Schedule

Home Learning Resources & Materials

Study Island
There are assignments from me or students may choose a topic to work on under VA programs.
Scholastic Learn at Home
Scholastic has provided ~20 days worth of free reading activities including passages, activities, and virtual field trips for students to work through at home.

Scholastic Write a Book Review
Students can use this link to write a book review on a book they have read and submit it to Scholastic's website.

SOLpass has study guides, review games, and practice tests/quizzes for the students to use for Reading and VA Studies.

Nearpod will be used to help students work through material at their own pace. Please use the 
lesson code provided to access each lesson.

PWCS Home Learning Page

*The following sites are accessed through your student's Office365 account. Once logged into his/her Office365 account, he/she is able to access Clever. If you need help logging in, please visit the "How to Login..." folder found under Files and Documents.*

  • Benchmark Universe (available through Clever) - there are dozens of ebooks available through Benchmark. Students even have the option of having the book read aloud. This would be great practice for struggling readers. Students can also leave reviews for each book. Parent information for accessing Benchmark is coming soon.
  • Newsela (NEW - available through Clever) - this is a great resource for news articles for a variety of subjects and content areas. The Lexile level (reading difficulty) can be adjusted for different grade levels. Under the ELA tab, there are even some Novel studies pages that provide awesome text pairings.
  • eMediaVA (NEW - available through Clever) - this is another great resource through PBS. Lots of great videos on a variety of topics. 
  • MyOn - digital reading library. Should be added through Clever soon.

Specials Schedule 9:50-10:35
Day 1   Art
Day 5 Music
Day 2    PE
Day 6    Library
Day 3 Guidance   

Day 4 PE

Daily Schedule 

8:55 9:15  5th Arrival and Morning Work
9:15   9:45  5th  #NOLIMIT
9:50 10:35  5th Specials
10:35 11:35 5th Language Arts
11:35 12:05  5th Lunch
12:05 12:25  5th Recess
12:25 12:45  5th Language Arts
12:45 1:30 5th Geography
1:30 3:00  4th Language Arts
 3:00  3:45  4th  VA History
 3:45      Dismissal