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                                 June 7, 2020


I have posted new assignments in the Optional Weekly Assignments folder, dated June 8- June 12'th.  Please note that our Zoom class will occur on Wednesday instead of Tuesday as I must pack up my classroom at school.  Our journey together is nearing to a halt, but I this year has been a blessing in disguise; it has lent to my growth as a teacher and human being.  In addition, I had the opportunity to continue facilitating learning in a creative manner; stretching your children beyond their boundaries. I thank you for your support!   Please continue to remain faithful, with the belief, ""This too shall end."

Be blessed, safe and healthy,

Mrs. Nelson


Mrs. Nelson & Mrs. S.


         Gena Dawson -   LED            DawsonGL@pwcs,edu
    Lisa Sarlo          Esol            SarloLM@pwcs.edu
helsea Chinn -    Esol -         chinC@pwcs.edu



Mrs. Nelson and Mrs. S' Kindergarten Class

 Where we dance to the beat of learning and exploring new things!
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Who  I am:
I am a believer in the adage, "Information is power," therefore, my mission while teaching is to facilitate learning in a manner that will not only benefit your child now, but throughout his/her lifetime.  I possess  a BA in Organizational Communication, a MS in Instructional Design for Online Learners and an M.Ed in Early Childhood Education.  I love to travel, write poetry and spend quality time with my family.

Our Vision & Mission
We are Shining Stars in Kindergarten who love to learn.
We will learn by listening and trying our best everyday.


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Encore Schedule 2:20 - 3:05
Day 1   PE
Day 5 Art
Day 2    Music
Day 3 PE   

Day 4 Guidance(A)
Library (B)

Our Schedule

9:00 -   9:15 -  Breakfast/Independent table work/announcements
9:15-    9:45 -  Calendar/RTI(Response To Intervention)
9:45 -  10:10 - Writer's Workshop
10:15- 10:35 - Recess
10:35 -10:45-  Snack
10:45 -12:05   Language Arts
12:05 -12:35 - iPlay
12:35 - 1:15 -  Lunch
  1:20 -  2:20 - Math
  2:20 -  3:05 - Encore (see Schedule)
  3:05 -  3:30 - Social Studies/Science
  3:30 -  3:40 - Dismissal (Walkers and car riders go first)