We Miss You Second Grade!

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I am so excited that so many students checked out our sneak peek on MyOn!! I hope even more students will participate this week for our reading lesson.
I want to reiterate that I will be hosting our Zoom meeting on FRIDAY this week and next. The time will still be 12pm.
Have a great week!

I have a secret to share!!

Want a sneak peek at what we will be learning next week? Check out your assignments on MYON in your Clever app! We will be reading books next week about some EXTREME events we have loved learning about this year.

Remember: When you first log in to MyOn it will ask you to take a reading placement test and interest survey to help offer titles your student will want to read. It's a great resource and I hope you enjoy the books I have shared with you!

morning, families!

Although we are not grading nor teaching any new information in the remainder of this year, I want to share with you the remaining standards that we did not teach this year. If you feel like exploring these topics you are free to search BrainPop, studyisland.com, and other sources of information like we have been using for Virtual School House.

Majority of second grade skills were taught in quarters 1 through 3. It is well-known that students were not taught the entirety of our content so third grade will cover the content missed.

Feel free to use this or not. I wanted to make sure the option was there for those who want it.



I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. This week we will be discussing Memorial Day in our online lessons.

On Thursday at 12pm we will have our Zoom meeting and discuss the Memorial Day Scavenger Hunt on our lesson plans! See you then!

Happy Monday!

This week our topic is FOOD! Join your teacher Thursday, May 21st @ 12:00 for a virtual lunch bunch!

you missed our meeting or want to keep trying more pictures from today, here is the step by step drawing we did as our Zoom activity.

It is always so good to see your smiling faces! :)


We are extending our celebration of our moms this week.
Don't forget! Join your teacher on Thursday, May 14th for a Zoom activity about Mom! Bring a piece of paper, pencil, and crayons if you have them!

Today I will be available for Office Hours from 12-1. This is a time for parents to reach out with any lingering questions, comments, or concerns about this week's lessons. During this hour you will be able to reach me by Dojo, email (cozmacm@pwcs.edu), or Zoom. If Zoom is the preferred method to meet, please send me a message so I can provide you with the link.
Have a great Friday!

year is flying by! We are quickly approaching summer!
Normally at this time of year we would start the ABC countdown to the end of the school year. We have added the ABC countdown activity calendar for each day up to June 12th!
I have created a flip grid where you can share what you've done from each week's activities. https://flipgrid.com/f13ab4fb

Happy Monday to everyone!
Can you believe it is already May??
This week we have some exciting new lessons to explore with our Animal theme!
We will have a Zoom meeting on Thursday at 12pm. Our theme? Animals: Bring pet to class zoom! We can FINALLY bring out pets to class! I can't wait to meet your family pets! If you don't have a pet, bring your favorite stuffed animal or a drawing of the pet you would want to have!

Good morning!
Yesterday we had a great Zoom session for our students! I hope everyone enjoyed that time as much as I did!
Today I will be available for Office Hours from 12-1. This is a time for parents to reach out with any lingering questions, comments, or concerns. During this hour you will be able to reach me by Dojo, email (cozmacm@pwcs.edu), or Zoom. If Zoom is the preferred method to meet, please send me a message so I can provide you with the link.
Have a great Friday! I hope I see some FUN Friday activities! :)

Yesterday I sent parents an email via the HUB(ParentVue). Please take the time to check your email at some point before the weekend. I am trying to verify a working email for when I send home (email) report cards in May. I am asking that you reply back to the email if you received it with your name and your child's name. I am keeping a list of who I was able to successfully reach. I need to verify emails to be sure report cards are being sent to the correct people.
If you do not receive my email by Friday afternoon, please do two things for me:
1. message me via DOJO and let me know
2. Log into your ParentVue account and update your information if you have an outdated email address.
3. If you do not have an account, let me know via dojo and then please contact Mrs. MacGregor or Mrs. Summers for guidance!
Report cards will be sent via email on Tuesday May 5th. If I do not have a verified email by then you will have to contact the school. Thank you for taking the time to do this!

you are looking for more ways to read at home, try reading on MyOn! This program is wonderful and is FULL of books you can read at home! The first time your student logs in they will need to choose their interests for book topics followed by a pre-assessment that measures their reading level. The books offered in their library will be chosen by that level so make sure they are doing their own, very best work.
Please see Mr. Traxler's technology post from the school page:
Good evening,
Please use the YouTube link below to follow directions on how to log-in to Office365 for your child's access during Virtual Schoolhouse. The video also shows the steps on resetting your student's login password, if needed. I'll do my best to create other videos for you to access to help on accessing resources that teachers are using during this time. Hope all are well and safe!

morning, families!
THURSDAY we will have a Zoom meeting for students to share what they found from the scavenger hunt. The link for the scavenger hunt activity is in our lesson plan document.
Have a great Earth Week!
morning, families!
I had a few people interested in more STEM and project ideas. I'll do my best to send these out when they fit our lessons. These are available in the document container.
Enjoy! I would love to see pictures of your creations!

This week our focus will be EARTH DAY! Earth Day was April 22nd, but we want to take the time to think about our Earth and the wonderful ways we can help our Earth AND how our Earth helps us! Please see the documents container to access the lesson menu on this site.
Please reach out if you have any questions!

Today is the day! Office Hours will take place from 12-1pm today on Zoom. We will start with a classroom circle with students and end with an open forum for parents to ask questions. Below I have attached the Zoom Parent Expectations that were created to create an engaging, safe learning environment for all students who attend Zoom lessons or meetings.

Zoom Parent Expectations
Make sure you give parental permission to your child’s teacher either in Dojo or verbally before the Zoom lesson
Make sure your child is in a well-lit, quiet place with as few distractions as possible
Be mindful of what is in the background, as this will be seen to all viewers
Please do not allow other siblings to join the Zoom meeting
Please do not share the Zoom link that your child’s teacher posts on Dojo
Please do not take pictures of the Zoom meeting/screen of attendees while your child is attending the session
Please be mindful of background noise or communication among family members
Please discuss with your child what is appropriate to do during the Zoom meeting to make sure it is appropriate for the learning environment of all
This virtual learning class should be treated as if your child is back in school learning with the teacher
Please check with your child’s teacher to see if there are any materials that they may need ahead of time before the meeting takes place
Please check ClassDojo for the Zoom link. For security reasons, I will not be posting the Zoom links on this webpage.
Good evening!
I wanted to update you on where to find feedback.