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Digital Learning updates:
5/25/20 Happy Memorial Day and please see the new Virtual Learning assignments for the week.

5/11/20 Please see the new weekly Virtual Learning assignments!

4/27/20  Dear Families and Students,
Weekly homework has been posted on my web page as well as Class Dojo.  Please continue to help your child learn at home.  Every Tuesday, I will be starting Mrs. Britt's Virtual Lunch Bunch Party where the kids can hear a story or come and talk with me as well as their classmates.  We are still a family and we are still celebrating first grade!  Have a great virtual learning week!

I will continue to post a weekly schedule of work the Dr. Detectives can do at home. 
 a reminder this work is optional but we highly encourage keeping their learning 
 to help them adjust to 2nd grade. We have to have Office hours where you can 
 any questions or if you need some additional things to help your child starting 
 Friday. Every Friday office hours will be from 1-2 pm. I will send out a Zoom link on
class dojo that you can connect and ask me questions or just say hello.
I know all of this can be very overwhelming as a parent and especially parents with 
 in many grades, those of us working at home as well as those of us who are
 currently unemployed. My greatest advice is we cannot control everything and turn time
 back but we can do what we can and be safe.
If you cannot do all the homework that is assigned I would say put your child on Lexia
 for at least 20 minutes or read any books in your house or use Raz kids.

Mrs. Britt

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Optional Home learning schedule

School Schedule

Suggested Digital Learning Schedule

Arrival 8:55-9:05

Wake up/Breakfast 9:00

Math 9:10-10:40

Math Work 10:00

Recess 10:40-11:00

Technology or other activity break 10:45

Lunch 11:05-11:35

Lunch 12:00

Reading minilesson, guided reading, and reading stations 11:40-1:00

Outdoor play and activities 12:30

Writing 1-1:30

Reading and Quiet Time 1:30

Specials 1:35-2:20

Arts and Crafts 2:15

RTI 2:30-3:00

Handwriting or Writing Journal Practice 3:00

Social Studies/Science 3:00-3:30

Technology or Other Activity Break 3:45

Pack up 3:30

Family time/Science Activity 4:00

Dismissal 3:45

Nightly Routine 5:00



Students are suppose to be reading a DRA level 18 by the end of June.  In order to help your child continue to read please use the reading websites and learning websites.  

Encore Schedule 1:35-2:20
Day 1   PE
Day 5 Music
Day 2    Library/Guidance
Day 3 Art   

Day 4 PE

Daily Schedule 

8:55 9:10   Arrival/Math
9:10   10:45      Language Arts
10:45 11:10      Recess
11:10 11:40 Lunch
11:45 12:30   Recess/Writing
12:30 1:00   Science/Social studies
1:00 1:35   Math
1:35 2:20   Specials
2:20  2;30    Snack time
2:30 3:00   RTI
3:00  3:45    Math