The Baldrige Idea

We are following the Baldrige Program at Leesylvania Elementary. 
The entire staff is working together to make our school successful.
Baldrige stresses two main principles:

I am responsible for my own learning.

I am response-able to the success of the group.


Here are some of the exciting Baldrige ideas that are taking place at Leesylvania:

  • Each classroom has created Quality Teacher and Student posters that highlight what teachers and students must do to be the best.
  • Each classroom has created a vision that will help them focus on being the best students possible.
  • The students have created class mission statements to lead the path to achieving their visions.
  • The classes are creating goals and implementing action plans to reach the goals and better our school.
  • Students are creating data notebooks to track their progress individually.
  • Students and teachers are graphing data showing their progress